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Verification Consulting

The Verification Bottleneck 

Design verification has quickly become today's most significant design problem; with design sizes exploding into the many millions of transistors and chip technologies shrinking to 65nm, companies are discovering the need for a solid verification methodology. Engineers and engineering managers are desperately trying to answer questions such as:
  • Have I found the bugs I could not even imagine possible?
  • Will new bugs emerge once I integrate my block into a higher level module?
  • Can I measure the levels of functionality I am exercising? Will area coverage simply do it?
  • When am I done verifying?

Globetech can help you find answers to all of these questions.  We are verification specialists and can provide you with a solid foundation from which to launch successful verification projects.


  • Verification strategy design
  • Testplan specification
  • Technology selection (testbench automation, simulation, analysis)
  • Verification environment definition
  • Verification component design and implementation
  • Verification process versus Quality-of-Result
  • Bug identification and debug
  • System-level verification
  • Logical design closure
  • Transition to post-silicon debug