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IEEE 1149.7 VIP Features


  • Written in the IEEE 1647™-2008 e language and fully compatible with Cadence Incisive Enterprise
  • Cadence Incisive Plan-to-Closure (IPCM) compliant - Plug-n-Play
  • Support constrained-random generation for Coverage-Driven Verification (CDV)
  • Fully compatible with the IEEE 1149.7-2007 standard proposal
  • Support for Advanced and Standard Protocol
  • Support for 4-pin Wide and 2-pin Narrow IEEE 1149.7 interfaces
  • Extensive sequence library for easy test creation of both constrained-random as well as fully directed tests
  • Automated protocol and data checking
  • Functional coverage analysis view per IEEE 1149.7 TAP
  • Compliance Management Suite, compatible with Cadence Incisive Enterprise Manager™
  • Automated configuration using Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) files
  • Multi-TAP verification support at chip or system levels, with 100% block-level test reuse and automatic pattern retargeting technology
  • TAP virtualization capability


  • Proven technology: Already used by early IEEE 1149.7 adopter IDMs and IP suppliers
  • Applicability: Verifiy virtually any IEEE 1149.7 architecture, with full optional feature support, at the block, sub-system or system levels
  • Completeness: Address IEEE 1149.7 and 1149.1 verification with a single environment solution
  • Layered Monitoring: Observe behavior in environments ranging from white-box to black-box
  • Flexibility: Deploy the IEEE 1149.7 VIP in different use models for maximum ROI
  • Reusability: Apply the environment across providers, projects and hardware description levels
  • Advanced Automation: Co-verify IEEE 1149.7 hardware and DTS software with full checking and functional profiling capabilities
  • Interoperabilty: Leverage advanced Compliance Management capabilities to accurately measure standard compliance and reduce interoperability risk


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