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IEEE 1149.7™ VIP

Originally proposed by the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance, IEEE 1149.7 extends IEEE 1149.1™ to support the needs of debug applications for products with complex digital circuitry, embedded software, and one or more CPUs. The standard addresses key challenges such as enhanced functionality for test access, reduced pin-count and improved power management.


TAP.7 block-level verification 

The IEEE 1149.7 Verification Environment 


The IEEE 1149.7 verification IP (VIP) verifies design blocks conforming to any of the six compliance levels defined by the IEEE standard, significantly reducing time to functional closure and increasing quality of first silicon. As illustrated in the diagram above, the VIP architecture is compliant to the Cadence Incisive Plan-to-Closure Methodology (IPCM) and includes:

  • A Debug and Test System (DTS) Agent, capable for injecting traffic to the IEEE 1149.7 DUT in both standard and advanced protocols
  • A TAP.7 Agent, used to monitor activities on the I/O interfaces and register file of the IEEE 1149.7 DUT
  • A number of TAP.1 Agents, used to monitor or model one or more System Test Logic (STL) IEEE 1149.1 TAP controllers

The IEEE 1149.7 VIP supports 100% reuse of block-level tests in chip-level or board-level verification flows of IEEE 1149.7-enabled systems, which may include several TAP.7 controllers in series or star topologies.

Finally, this VIP includes a metric-driven compliance management suite which can be used to accurately assess the interoperability of IEEE 1149.7 IP in system topologies prior to integration.

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