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With verification eating up to 70% of the design cycle, Verification IP is playing an increasingly important role.  Because VIP is becoming more pervasive, quality, reusability and interoperability are major challenges.  Combine this with the complexities of today’s verification requirements, and VIP quickly equals or surpasses design IP in complexity.

Regardless of whether teams are testing for compliance or just testing the integration of the core into the target system, high quality VIP offers tremendous value.  VIP not only accelerates verification efforts, but provides the foundation for transitioning to platform based design.  Once this solid foundation is in place, VIP can be leveraged to address the dynamically changing requirements of chip designs by enabling reconfigurability and reusability.

Combining our expertise in verification design, advanced verification methodology, and best-in-class EDA verification tool flows, Globetech actively builds and supports VIP products.

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