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The CE-ATA standard is a storage interface for handheld and consumer electronics which optimizes power, performance, pin-count and protocol.  This standard addresses the markets for mobile phones and PDAs, MP3 and other music format players, video recorders, media players, video and digital cameras.

The CE-ATA eVC is a complete verification environment that can be instantiated in several different configurations.  Use the Device Agent to verify a CE-ATA Host design, the Host Agent to verify a CE-ATA Device design, or a monitor-only configuration to ensure correct operation of a complete-HDL environment.

Verifying a CE-ATA Compliant Device

Based on a flexible architecture and taking full advantage of Cadence's Specman Elite platform, the Consumer Electronics Advanced Technology Attachment (CE-ATA) eVC is a powerful tool for design and verification engineers looking to build or integrate CE-ATA compliant silicon IP.

CEATA eVC Components
Components of the CE-ATA eVC