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IrDA eVC Features & Benefits
  • Compatible with IrDA PHY v1.4 SIR/MIR/FIR
  • eRM and VPA compatible - Plug-n-Play
  • Infrared interface agent provides constrained random IrDA frame sequence generation
  • Error injection including framing, CRC, physical layer, pulse-width and frame-abort errors
  • Built-in data scoreboard support on infrared interface
  • Functional coverage analysis for Coverage-Driven Verification (CDV)
  • Interaction pulse width support
  • Complete and configurable error reporting
  • Adjustable levels of tracing and verbosity
  • Highly configurable and adaptable
  • Universal solution: The eVC provides a powerful verification environment for any IrDA device
  • Good maturity: First released in 2003, this eVC has been deployed by several technology developers
  • High ROI: The IrDA industry standard is widely used and strongly supported, ensuring long-term reuse across multiple projects and environments
  • eRM-compliant: Plug-n-play with Specman Elite & SpeXsim
  • Best-in-class support: Free Silver-Class technical support for the duration of the License Term

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