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IEEE 1500 (SECT) eVC

The IEEE 1500 Standard for Embedded Core Test (SECT) is a newly released standard defining the blueprint for building complex test infrastructures within large SoCs.  This standard is applicable to the design and test of all complex digital ICs. The IEEE 1500 SECT comprises a comprehensive set of guidelines for building such an infrastructure, including the hardware architecture, information model (implemented in the IEEE P1450.6 Core Test Language proposal) and definitions of levels of compliance.

 IEEE 1500 eVC Agent

In the diagram above, the SECT eVC is used to verify a IEEE 1500 wrapped core. The eVC provides automatic vector generation  and control signal manipulation while monitoring all test and functional inputs and outputs for correct protocol behavior. Finally, the eVC collects coverage metrics on the functionality of the test logic that has been exercised, used to identify test plan holes and estimate time to closure.

The Globetech Solutions IEEE 1500 (SECT) eVC is an indispensable companion to designers or integrators of IEEE 1500 compliant test architectures. Contact us today and learn more about this exciting new technology and how the SECT eVC can help you get close DFT closure of your SoC.

Combine this eVC with the new IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) eVC for a complete System-on-Chip testability infrastructure verification solution.