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Announcing eRM™ compliant versions of Globetech Solutions' eVCs


Globetech Solutions released today new, e Re-use Methodology (eRM) compliant versions of the UART and IrDA SIR/MIR/FIR eVCs. The new eVCs have been developed according to Verisity's eRM and have been certified for compliance using eAnalyzer's new eRM certification tool [more on].

New Features

These new verification components deploy several new and exciting features on top of the generation, checking and coverage collecting capabilities of earlier versions.

  • Plug-n-play compatibility with Specman Elite™
    Specman Elite can now dynamically incorporate the eVCs into any verification environment in an automated manner. By combining standardized structures, packaging and interfacing, the verification engineer will only need to learn how to configure and operate eRM-compliant eVCs once.
  • Consistent test scenario generation through Sequences
    Sequences raise the test writing abstraction level by enabling entire test scenarios to be generated with only a single statement. The value of Sequences becomes even more evident when traffic must be synchronized across multiple ports.
  • Debug messaging through Messages
    The Message action makes it easier for users to determine where problems lie by providing consistent debugging controls and uniform message formats and filters.
  • Event synchronization and run-time status coordination
    New Specman Elite features allow for better runtime data analysis and status coordination. The Visualization Toolkit provides a means to graphically depict the actions taking place in the verification environment in order to more easily comprehend the time sequencing of events and simplify debugging.

Availability - Upgrades

Globetech Solutions eRM-compliant UART and IrDA eVCs are currently available. Please contact us directly at or talk to your Verisity CE about our products and services.

Current licensed Globetech Solutions customers can upgrade to the eRM versions of their eVCs at no cost. If you are interested in upgrading, contact us at

Posted on Mon, 28 June 2004 08:15:23