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Globetech Solutions' verification IP for latest IEEE test and debug standard selected by STMicroelectronics


AUSTIN, Texas -- June 4, 2008 -- Globetech Solutions today announced availability of an IEEE P1149.7™ design verification intellectual property (VIP) product, along with a metric-driven compliance management suite for the latest IEEE test and debug standard.

The VIP verifies design blocks conforming to any of the six compliance levels defined by the IEEE standard, significantly reducing time to functional closure and increasing the quality of first silicon. The metric-driven compliance management suite accurately assesses the interoperability of IEEE P1149.7 IP in system topologies prior to integration. The solution supports complete reuse of block-level environments in chip-level verification flows of IEEE P1149.7-enabled systems.

“As an early adopter of the IEEE P1149.7 standard, ST collaborated very closely with Globetech on the development and validation of our design IP and their VIP”, said François Oswald, Digital Design Director, Wireless Multimedia Division, STMicroelectronics. “Globetech's high quality products, outstanding support and on-time deliverables have made a major contribution to the success of our IEEE P1149.7 IP development.”

Originally proposed by the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance, IEEE P1149.7 extends IEEE 1149.1™ to support the needs of debug applications for products with complex digital circuitry, embedded software, and one or more CPUs. The standard addresses key challenges such as enhanced functionality for test access, reduced pin-count and improved power management.

“Any integrated circuit using the IEEE 1149.1 interface may use this standard to reduce the test interface pin count from four or more to two, while at the same time providing more advanced capabilities”, said Rob Oshana, chairman of the IEEE P1149.7 working group. “Because of its advanced capabilities it's important to have a verification and compliance infrastructure in place to support it. Globetech worked closely with the working group to help identify implementation challenges in advance, leading to a more robust specification.”

Verification for Test

The IEEE P1149.7 VIP and compliance management system extends Globetech's Verification for Test (VFT™) product suite, which includes verification automation capabilities for test and debug standards such as JTAG, IEEE 1500™ and the IEEE 1450™ family.

“Getting test and debug functionality right the first time is critical for multi-processor, multi-core SoC and SiP because it provides the foundation for post-silicon validation”, said Stylianos Diamantidis, Managing Director of Globetech Solutions. “Supporting a complex specification such as IEEE P1149.7 in our VFT product line gives our customers the tools and methodology they need to meet this requirement”.

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Posted on Wed, 04 June 2008 07:00:00