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Cadence IPCM-Qualified Verification Services

Globetech Solutions’ flagship verification consulting service is based upon Cadence's Incisive® Plan-to-Closure Methodology.  The Cadence Incisive Plan-to-Closure Methodology (IPCM) reduces risk in the verification of full chips and SoCs by providing a system of best known principles, practices, and procedures that increase project productivity and predictability and ensure overall system-level quality.

Globetech is a Cadence IPCM–Qualified Verification Alliance member and has demonstrated expertise in three of the methodology’s key elements: verification planning and management, the Universal Reuse Methodology and system-level verification.

"Many organizations realize that they are up against serious verification-resource limitations, and need proven step-by-step options for designers," said Steve Glaser, corporate vice president, Marketing, Verification Division at Cadence. "IPCM certified partners add to the Plan-to-Closure-Methodology community, and make adoption and deployment of best practices simpler and much more readily available for our worldwide customers."


IPCM: A blend of best-of-breed verification capabilities


Delivering advanced verification solutions since 2001, Globetech Solutions is one of the first companies in the world to attain the IPCM-Qualified certification. Our portfolio of IPCM-based services encompasses our full breadth of capabilities and is complemented by readily available Cadence OpenChoice Certified Verification IP.

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